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Welcome Winter!

Temperatures are falling and winter has unofficially arrived. The thermostat is on, the pellets are arriving, the wood is split, and oil trucks are out and about. Indeed, cold days and nights are upon us and, if you remember last winter (who could forget? Brrrrr....), then you know that Mother Nature can be brutal. If your home was uncomfortable, drafty, and you used a lot of fuel last year, chances are your home is leaky and poorly insulted. But it doesn't have to be. And making your home more comfortable and energy efficient is more affordable than you might think.

With $1,500 in rebates available from Efficiency Maine now is a great time to contact us for your FREE 1-Hour Home Energy Consultation to learn how to stay warm this winter and save money, too.

Penobscot Home Performance is a full service, certified energy efficiency company offering energy audits and contracting services throughout Maine. PHP strives to help homeowners reduce their heating and cooling costs, and make their homes more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

Ruth C., pictured below, reduced her families' fuel use by almost 50% and her home is much more comfortable!

"Well, we finally got an oil delivery today, first one since Feb, so I can finally figure out what we saved during the season.

                       Oil                      Pellets                  Electricity           

2012-2013           421 gallons         295 bags              $1,083

2013-2014           158 gallons         248 bags              $925

That reduction in oil saved us about $1,000, the lower pellets is about $250 and electricity was lower by about $150, all in $1,400 less than last season!  And that’s with the much colder winter as well.  That gets us very close to the 50% reduction we were aiming for.

And we didn’t have the heat pump for the entire season last year, so we’ll likely do even better this winter, even if temps stay as cold."