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We pride ourselves in serving a wide variety of homeowners and understand that each of our customers has their own particular budget and comfort level with investing in home improvements. We work hard to develop the best work plan to maximize the return on your investment and achieve your goals of living in a more comfortable, healthy and  energy-efficient home. Whether your project is large or small most homeowners choose to finance their project and spread out payments.

Some homeowners decide to fund their projects out of pocket while others choose to take advantage of low interest rates and finance their upgrade. For those interested in financing, we have a program to fit your budget and project size. We work with many lenders, including Efficiency Maine and The First Bank in Bangor to ensure your efficiency upgrade is affordable. 
The most common loans available are through Efficiency Maine. Efficiency Maine offers several types of loans from $1,000 to $40,000. The most common loans Penobscot Home Performance assists with are the PACE and Powersaver loans.


PACE loans are offered at 4.99% and have the benefit of being transferable which means that the loan stays with the property receiving the improvement. If a homeowner sells his or her home before the loan is paid off, the loan can either be paid off at the time of sale, or can be transferred with the property to become the responsibility of the new owner. PACE loans are offered up to $15,000 in participating municipalities.


PowerSaver Loans are available statewide and range from 4.99% to 5.99% depending on the size of the loan. PowerSaver loans are offered as secured and unsecured meaning those folks who might not have a lot of equity in their home can still afford an efficiency upgrade. PowerSaver unsecured loans are offered up to $7,500 and secured loans are offered up to $25,000.


We work closely with several local banks such as The First and many of our customers are taking advantage of low interest rates to finance their energy efficient projects. Our lending friends understand that an efficiency upgrade will save you money and they can take this into account when reviewing your financial history. Oftentimes the amount of energy saved by adding insulation is MORE than your monthly loan payment. Please keep in mind we also accept all major credit cards.

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