Adding Insulation and Creating Warmth in an Old Farmhouse

About This Project

S. Wood moved back to Maine from the Mid-Atlantic and purchased an old cape style home built in 1820.  Working from home in a small office, she was using a space heater to compensate for drafts and extremely cold indoor air temperatures.  With high fuel bills, she called Penobscot Home Performance to set up an energy audit which led to having her home air sealed and insulated.

Home Improvements

  • Air sealing to create a less drafty home;
  • Insulated the walls (to R-15) and attic (to R-50) with cellulose insulation
  • Insulated the basement with closed cell spray foam to keep feet warm during the winter
  • A new energy efficient and properly sealed attic hatch was built and insulated to R-50


  • Wood noticed an immediate impact on fuel bills; “I went from using close to 900 gallons of fuel before the upgrades to 544 gallons after, thanks to the guys at Penobscot Home Performance!”
  • Even temperatures throughout the home and warmer floors
  • Fuel use has decreased by 40% and overall comfort has increased

Investment & Savings

  • Total investment of $8,975
  • Annual savings of $1,350 per year
  • Return on Investment (ROI) estimated to be 6.6 years
  • 40% reduction in fuel usage per yea