Cashing in with a Cape in Hampden

About This Project

Air Sealing And Insulating This Cape Improved The Homeowner’s Comfort And Fuel Usage

K. Kurz moved into her Hampden home in 2009 only to find it poorly insulated and cold in the winter.  An energy audit revealed that the home was experiencing excessive air leakage, typical of a cape style home with side attics, exchanging more than its total volume of air every hour.  Penobscot Home Performance performed the air sealing and insulation upgrades to make Kurz’s home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Home Improvements

  • Air sealing was the main priority in this home, reducing air leaks by over 40%;
  • Insulated attic with dense-packed cellulose to R-60 (previously R-6);
  • Spray foamed basement to prevent air leakage and increase R-Value.


  • Kurz noticed an immediate improvement in fuel usage, estimating usage around 815-915 gallons a year before to 607 gallons a year after improvements were made.

Investment & Savings

  • Total investment of $6,011
  • Projected energy savings of $1,040 per year
  • Return on Investment (ROI) estimated to be 5.7 years
  • 40% reduction of air leakage in the home