Financing a Large Energy Efficiency Upgrade

About This Project

Insulating the attic, walls and basement of this old, Maine home made an immediate impact on the homeowners’ comfort and fuel usage

The Koneff family relocated to Maine from Maryland in December 2010  and found the perfect home for them.  The 100+ year old home was a typical old, Maine structure and lacked insulation. The Koneffs loved their home but found it was too cold for comfort and extremely drafty.  They were also having oil and LP tanks filled every 3 weeks during the winter.  The family learned of Penobscot Home Performance through the Efficiency Maine website and immediately set up an energy audit.

Home Improvements

  • Air sealed throughout the home reducing drafts by 56%
  • Insulated attic and exterior walls with dense-packed cellulose increasing the R-Value of the home from R-5 in the attic and R-13 in the walls to R-60 and R-15
  • Insulated basement with 2″ of closed-cell spray foam, a product which stops air infiltration and insulates to R-13
  • Benefits
  • The family noticed “an immediate improvement in comfort!” after completing the project with PHP
  • Air leakage has been reduced by 56% resulting in immediate comfort improvements and less frequent calls to the fuel companies
  • Investment & Savings
  • Total investment of $20,408 financed through an Efficiency Maine loan
  • Projected energy savings of $1,500 per year
  • Loan payments of about $212/month for a 10 yr loan and $125/month for a 15 yr loan, a $33 to $87 additional cost each month ;
  • Return on Investment (ROI) estimated to be 11 years
  • 56% reduction of air leakage in the home