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A house is more than a structure. It’s a place that gives back. Let us help you stay warm while saving money over time.

Installing the right kind of insulation in the right place is one of the best ways to save money and make your home comfortable. Properly installed insulation stops heat flow meaning that a well-insulated home keeps the heat in during the winter and keeps it out during the summer. Adding insulation, along with careful air sealing, is one of the most important functions of weatherization and is what we are experts in. What kind of insulation does PHP use?



Cellulose is one of the best performing, most environmentally safe products on the market. It is made from recycled, over issued newspaper that is processed into small fibers and then treated with naturally occurring mineral borate. We use Green Fiber’s Cel-Pak insulation and are proud to be a certified “Cel-Pak Pro” Contractor. Cellulose insulation has a high R-value, is fire resistant, mold resistant, and a great rodent repellant. In addition to this, it is affordable and has great sound-proofing qualities.

Cellulose is “dense packed” in walls and slopes and “loose blown” into attics. Contrary to what some folks say, cellulose insulation, when properly installed, will not settle.



Closed cell spray foam is a great product and is used primarily to air seal and insulate basement and crawlspace walls. Spray foam both insulates and air seals and can be a great moisture barrier, too. Many of our Maine homes are built on fieldstone or granite foundations that, by virtue of their construction, are leaky. Spray foam can fill in these cracks, stop water infiltration, prevent condensation, and provide a high R-value, meaning your basement stays warm and dry, all the while saving you money.



Thermax sheathing is a rigid board insulation with a foil face on one side and an aesthetically pleasing white face on the other.  Thermax tends to brighten up an otherwise drab, gray basement and is a popular choice with our customers. We typically install 2” Thermax—which has an R-value of 13—on smooth, poured walls.

Air leakage in homes and buildings can account for between 5% and 40% of the total heating and cooling costs. Controlling air leakage by carefully targeting leaks in your home’s attic, walls, basement and other spaces, is one of the best ways to save money and make your home a lot more comfortable.


In addition to stopping heat loss in the winter, air sealing also reduces the amount of moisture that can enter your home. Sealing also prevents vermin and outside pollution from getting in. A tightly sealed, properly ventilated home is not only less expensive to heat and cool, it’s healthier. We are experts in identifying, diagnosing, and properly air sealing Maine homes and buildings. We know the ropes when it comes to weather, aging, construction and repair. Allow Penobscot Home Performance to guide you to a more comfortable home.


Receive $400 worth of FREE air sealing today

In order to help Maine homeowners button up their homes, Efficiency Maine has introduced the Air Sealing with Assessment Program (ASA). The program offers a $400 rebate on both small and large air sealing projects. It’s a great savings for budgets of all sizes!  Bangor residents receive and additional $100 in rebates for a limited time!


What is included in a PHP Air Sealing & Assessment visit?

The air sealing and assessment program includes six hours of weatherizing your home.  Our certified weatherization technicians start with the largest air leaks in your home, improving its overall energy efficiency and reducing your heating costs.

The visit also includes a home energy assessment with a certified energy adviser. Our advisers will conduct a blower door test to identify how much energy and heat is escaping from your home. The assessment also includes a walk through of your home to identify areas that could be improved. In the end, you’ll receive a detailed energy consult report with a prioritized list of recommendations and energy cost savings projections.


Click here to contact us and set up your air sealing appointment today or call today at 207.469.6100.

A heat pump is a great addition to your home if you’re looking for a low cost effective and energy efficient solution for your heating and cooling needs. Why get a heat pump?



Because of its dual capability for heating and cooling, a heat pump will allow you to control the comfort of your home in both the winter and the summer.



Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and are powered by only a marginal amount of electricity. Compare that to the amount of money you’ll spend on traditional heating and cooling systems such as oil burning furnaces and air conditioners and the difference is clear. Plus, with its dual capability for heating and cooling, you can stop lugging those heavy A/C units in and out of your home each summer. Save your back!


Reduce your carbon footprint: Heat pumps are very clean and produce just a fraction of the carbon emissions compared to heating units that burn fuel, which is better for the environment.


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As part of our continuing efforts to help our fellow Mainers save energy and lower their carbon emissions, we are offering the sale and installation of Nest® brand thermostats and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


Nest products are a line of smart technology that are designed to help you save energy. It does this by learning your habits, such as when you’re awake or when you’re away from the house and automatically adjusts the energy usage in your home to optimize the comfort in your home when you’re most likely to feel it. These products are completely programmable from your smart phone so you never need to worry about whether or not you adjusted the heat before leaving the house.


For more information on Nest’s capabilities, visit:






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