Weatherization Technician


History: Founded in 2008 by Matt Damon and Paul Shepherd PHP began because of the passion for the environment and the need to make Maine homes more comfortable. Matt and Paul founded PHP and had an office in Belfast and an office in Bangor, but as the company grew so did their reputation and the need for a more centrally located space. Now located in Bucksport Maine PHP has a crew with over 20 years’ experience who travel throughout Penobscot, Hancock, and Waldo counties saving people money and Making Maine homes more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.


Mission: Making Maine homes more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. We find and fix the reasons for your high energy bills. Live Comfortably!


Goals: Penobscot Home Performance strives to save Maine homeowners money on their energy bills while in turn reducing the carbon footprint of the home and making it a more comfortable and healthy place to live.


Achievements: Along with the many certifications that PHP has earned we were also chosen as the 2013 Business for the environment award from the Maine Chapter of the Sierra club, we were chosen for the prestigious award because of our involvement in a Green sneakers project that we donated time and located donated materials for.



Title: Weatherization Technician


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Blower door setup and testing;
  • Making energy efficient improvements to the home such as air-sealing using one and two part foam and insulating (mostly cellulose and rigid/ spray foam);
  • We also install various types of ventilation such as exhaust fans and HRV’s;
  • Informing customers of other energy saving opportunities;
  • Keeping a meticulously clean working environment;


Work Environment: This position requires working outside in the field, in customers’ homes.


Position Type: This is a full time position 8am to 4pm M-F.



Required Knowledge: Must have general knowledge of how a home is built, must have basic tool knowledge;


Preferred Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of carpentry and construction of residential homes, and basic tool knowledge;
  • Minimum Educational Requirement: High school diploma.
  • Major Requirements in Specific Fields: Weatherization experience in a plus, carpentry experience is mandatory;
  • Training and Certifications Preferred: BPI certification is a plus.


Minimum Experience:

Computer Software Knowledge: Must have internet capabilities, e-mail and access to Google calendar;

Ability to Perform Physically Challenging Tasks;

Must be able to lift 75lbs, go up and down ladders and staging frequently, crawl through attics and basements, as well as crawlspaces.